May 15, 2015


As Waight Keller, creative director for Chloé, herself put it "I liked the idea of denim, that it can be used raw or washed and it becomes personal to the wearer - it is immediate and honest." Well worded Keller. I absolutely adore this button down denim skirt that looks very Chloéand I noticed Aimee Song also wearing the same Zara skirt (here) on her insta. Just recent, my colleague asked me "if I had to wear one designer head-to-toe, who would it be?".  I didn't have an answer for him yet, but I suddenly remembered when I got home that evening. Why Chloé? The Chloé girl embodies a feeling of not worrying about anything and casual lack of concern whether it be in a pair of boys' pants, a T-shirt and an amazing coat or sneakers with a long skirt. She has that French concept of beauty: the bedhead hair and no makeup look that she could only carry herself. I'd love to emulate that style and still look fabulous. I am all in for effortless style and beauty. (That's why you won't see me wearing foundation or heavy eye makeup) I have nothing to conceal, the imperfections is your identity and what makes you perfect.

Zara crop sweater top (similar to Club Monaco here) / Zara skirt (similar to Chloé here) / Zara sandals / Forever 21 aviators

Photos by Vivian Chin

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