September 30, 2013


 Club Monaco Blouse | American Apparel Leggings | H&M Boots | Chloe Paraty Bag

Happy Monday everyone!  Has anyone seen the last episode of Breaking Bad?  What did you think? I loved it, it was a very fitting way to end the show but very heartbreaking as well.  I won't say much as I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet.  I commend the producer for an epic series I'll never forget and will most certainly get my hands on the complete series for my collection.  They just released a Heisenberg money barrel box set of the complete series (here); a Christmas present to top all Christmas presents this year.

Aside from that, I love a great silk blouse with leggings for a casual day out for coffee and errands especially this stunning shirt with anchor detailed buttons. This powerful primary shade of navy blue gives black added intensity.

Photos by Brian Ngo

Stay Fabulous!

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  1. Lovely outfit! I love your boots! I followed you blog! Please check out mines :)

    Olivia Yuen
    Morning Blush Blog

  2. Loving ur casual comfy outfit. Those boots are just gorgeous!


  3. Your photos are beautiful! I found your blog looking for mod pictures of the H&M over the knee boots. You pull them off really well!

  4. You are so freakin gorgeous! That dress is the perfect color for you! butik busana muslim modern bandung