July 24, 2013


I've been eyeing the Schutz Slate heels for the last two months hoping for them to make an appearance in Canada but I cannot find them anywhere nor do they deliver to Canada from online boutiques.  Don't you just hate it when you find something you want so badly online and you're fishing around the city hoping to find it especially in your size and it just doesn't happen for you. Ughh it's annoying. After going around the world for these heels, I found these lookalikes at Zara and I am amazed how identical they are to the Schutz Slate heels (here). They fit a size or two bigger because of its slim fit. I styled the pair with these relaxed, cigarette leg jeans and basic tank.

Zara Tank | Zara Jeans (here) | Zara Heels (here)

Photographed by T. Pham


  1. Honestly, Zara is the best for designer lookalike styles. I got this pair of Valentino lookalikes, i was so happy when I found them. You can see 'em here

    Bouquet of Frocks

    1. I totally agree with you Debbie, I've found many lookalike pieces and it is so great to find them at affordable prices with such great quality. Your Valentino lookalikes look great, I saw another pair of Valentino lookalikes in March as well but didn't buy them because the quality wasn't what I expected. Thank you for reading <3


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