June 10, 2013

To: You, From: Me

G'day ya'll! I apologize for the delay with my posts the past couple days, I promise there will be new outfit posts coming this Thursday. Weather has not been so beautiful lately so it has delayed my chances to photograph my OOTDs. The Canadian weather is very unpredictable and it has been very rainy and chilly the past couple weeks. Like the rest of the Torontonians, I'm praying for those sunny summer days to come. 

I can't wait to show y'all what I added to my closet from this past weekend's shopping haul. Bare with me fashionistas =)

Photographed by Kaley Z


  1. This is a great shot! I know it's a fashion blog, but his photo is really good! Who's your photographer? Kudos to him or her.


    1. Thank you Dan, this photo was taken on an Iphone 5 so it is very pixalated. But it is a great shot overall, she did a great job.