May 11, 2013

Vintage Crawl Toronto #VCTO

This past Thursday, I took part in the Vintage Crawl Toronto. The #VCTO is a late night vintage party that takes place in the west end of downtown Toronto. Doors are open from 7pm to midnight to the public serving sweet goodies and sangrias for a sweet vintage shopping experience. I was only able to venture through Queen Street West and Ossington Avenue, unfortunately I did not get anything for myself. It was either too vintage or too expensive for me and I'd rather invest in the latest fashion today. My last visit to Rescue Vintage on 102 Ossington Avenue left a really good impression on me. They had extraordinary vintage pieces by Chanel and Dior, stunning evening gowns and intricate designed jewelry pieces. I'd definitely check that place out again in the near future.

If you were there on Thursday, let me know what you got from that evening. 

Here is a list of participating boutiques in any case you want to go check them out for yourselves. Tusk features affordable pieces whereas Chosen Vintage, Magwood, I Miss You Vintage, and Rescue Vintage featured pricey vintage designer pieces by Chanel, Hermes, Dior, and Gucci. If you are a fan of the cowboy boots and leather goods, Emporium by I Miss You Vintage has it all.

Participating Vendors
1. Sub Rosa 16 Kensington Avenue
2. One Heart Design 77 Kensington Avenue
3. Anice Jewellery 167 Augusta Avenue 
4. Pretty Freedom 165 Augusta Avenue
5. Armed 1024 Dundas Street West
6. Bridge + Bardot 1138 Dundas Street West
7. Penny Arcade 1177 Dundas Street West
8. I Miss You (Dundas West) 1315 Dundas Street West
9. Dalston Grey 1317 Dundas Street West
10. 101 SUPERmarket 1418 Dundas Street West
11. The Chief Salvage Co. 1493 Dundas Street West
11. Friends Electric 1493 Dundas Street West
12. Life of Manek 1504 Dundas Street West
13. Reservoir Vintage & Bright Brown Vintage Pop-up at Henhouse 1532 Dundas Street West
14. Print Fine Vintage 834 A College Street
15. Mrs.Huizenga 28 Roncesvalles Avenue
16. Door Number Two ‘Garage’ at 294 Roncesvalles Avenue
17. Common Sort (Parkdale) 1414 Queen Street West
18. Philistine 1394 Queen Street West
19. House of Vintage 1239 Queen Street West
20. 69 Vintage 1100 Queen Street West
21. Thank You 1080 Queen Street West
22. Chosen Vintage 960 Queen Street West
23. Magwood 886 Queen Street West
24. V Queen West 702 Queen Street West
25. Cabaret Vintage 672 Queen Street West
26. Silver Falls 15 Ossington Avenue
26. Tusk 15 Ossington Avenue
27. I Miss You Vintage (Ossington) 63 Ossington Avenue
27. Emporium by I Miss You Vintage 63 Ossington Avenue
28. Rescue Vintage 102 Ossington Avenue