April 28, 2013

April Showers

It's April and still a little chilly in Toronto so I am taking out my maroon Burberry trench for the last time on this rainy day before I store it away with the rest of my fall/winter clothes. I love everything about this iconic trench coat. The luxurious colour complements my brown ombre hair and olive skin as well as the clean tailored lines and sleek silhouette.

Other ways of wearing the coat are the sleeves can be pulled up and buckled to give it a ruche effect like in my photos. If you want an open look, button the coat outwards with the belt tied to the back. 

Burberry maroon trench coat
Salvatore Ferragamo peep toe heels
Bebe skirt
Zara top


  1. Cool you're from Toronto. One of the many cities I'd love to see :) Hali is great. Almost spring, wont be needing the winter gear for long :P

    1. Hi Jeremy, yea I remember telling you that I was from Toronto. And you're not too far away so come visit this summer :p