February 22, 2013

This is it!

Greetings readers, bloggers and passer-byers!

Welcome to my first blog.  I've finally did it.  One of my 'to do' things on my list last year has finally gotten to me and got it up and running now.  However, please ignore the funny looking fonts and changes on my blog for now as I am getting that fixed ASAP.   I'm a perfectionist and I want this to look and feel perfect so please bare with me as I go through several changes on my blog.  Also, if I do have any typos or grammatical errors... oh well.  Blogging is like an online diary for freelance writers, it's suppose to be raw.  You don't edit or spell check your diary right. 

First and foremost, my name is Lina Dinh. I am a fashion fiend, fat phobic travel junkie who has a whitening obsession with love for violent accessories and passion for surreal art.  I will share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences with everything I'm passionate about, which are: FASHION and TRAVEL.

As well, anything you want to know or see... post your comments below and I will try my best to fulfill your wishes.

Zara Top
American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Waist Leggings
Zara Flats 
Cambridge Satchel in The Classic Black
Louis Vuitton Soupcon Oversize Sunglasses in DK Tortoise

Photos by T. Pham


  1. Some pictures are broken. =( hope you get that fixed.

    More power to your blog!

    1. That's weird, it looks fine to me right now. *Fingers crossed*

    2. Well it's clear now. Maybe there was a problem with my laptop or something. :P

  2. Meimei, when you got time, do a post on your skin care routine (day and night and special care) I want a product by product review!!!

    Then later I want you to do one on your hair care routine. I'll read that shit for sure!

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